7 habits to promote a sustainable lifestyle

There are many ways to improve the conditions of the planet, which is why we give you 7 tips for a sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

1. Responsible use: You can replace plastic bags with paper, fabric or baskets, reduce your plastic footprint and contribute a little more every day; but remember if you use plastic do it properly, recycle and approach brands that work responsibly.

2. Take a step forward: when you go out try to bring your cutlery, containers or reusable bottles, you will be an example of commitment and promote a green culture.

3. In bulk everything is better: if you buy your food in bulk you can avoid excess packaging, bring your own trays and bags, it is also more economical, healthy and functional.

4. Choose recyclable: Using containers, tuppers and molds made of materials such as steel, glass or paper will prevent contact between your food and the harmful plastic, will take care of the environment and will speed up recycling in case of waste.

5. No more bottles: If you drink your water previously boiled or filtered from the tap, you will avoid excessive consumption of bottles, you will notice the savings that means in money and you will improve your environmental footprint.

6. Beauty without plastic: We don´t say that you shouldn´t use cosmetics or personal care articles, but it is better products that are not packaged in plastic or contain micro plastics.

7. Everything with responsibility: If it is difficult for you to reduce your consumption of plastics further, be aware of their use, dispose of them in the appropriate places, reuse and recycle.

How many of them do you already apply? Start the change you want to see in the world.

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