Sigpack family project “green world”

In 2020, Sigpack and Naturalia established a strategic alliance, with the aim of creating synergies that benefit the environment, as well as improving our business and social practices by creating awareness and environmental protection culture.
Naturalia is a Civil Association with 31 years of experience, whose purpose is to establish and maintain, in Mexico, conservation networks that perpetuate the natural processes on which life on the planet depends. The projects he manages support the conservation and recovery of Mexican biodiversity: “Species at Risk of Extinction”, and the “Most Damaged Ecosystems”.

As part of Sigpack’s commitment to corporate contribution to the recovery of native forests, we partnered with Naturalia A. C. who has been implementing reforestation workshops in rural areas in 15 states of the Mexican Republic for more than 20 years.

In July 2022 Sigpack had the opportunity to participate in the recovery of Mexican forests through a reforestation day with

more than 150 participants who contributed to the planting of 1,500 trees.

On this day, the Sigpack family joined together with their loved ones and business partners with whom we share an interest in reducing our carbon footprint and spreading environmental awareness to the rest of the industry.

Among the potential species to plant according to the biosphere visited were:
• Oak (Quercus sp.)
• Pine (Pinus montezumae o Pinus greggi)
• Oyamel (Abies religiosa)
• Ahuehuete (Taxodium mucronatum)
• Ahuejote(Salix bonplandiana)

The plantation took place inside the Parque Alameda 2000 located in Toluca, State of Mexico.

It is noteworthy that Sigpack and Naturalia A. C. are committed to carrying out plantation monitoring with four-monthly technical reports for a year and to take emergency irrigation, fertilization or weeding actions to ensure the maximum possible survival rate of our plantation.

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