“Sowing solutions, reaping change”

D. Simón, 2020.

How do we generate a change in Sigpack?

Since 2016 Sigpack produces sustainable packaging 100% biodegradable, seeking to generate awareness and drive change through the Boxibag brand. Our processes began with the use of 100% biodegradable translucent materials, such as PLA and CELLOPHANE. All our waste is reused and transformed into panels and ceilings, reiterating our commitment to social projects and social investments.



Partners and collaborators are involved and integrated in various activities, one of our medium-term projects is the Sigpack Greenhouse which will be located in our production plant in Toluca Edo. Mex. in order to continue promoting sustainable culture.


We come together to plant 1200 trees a year and bring life, this reforestation project seeks to promote integration, commitment and environmental awareness for the whole society.


It is our social commitment to be agents of support and promote the sustainable culture, that is why we transform our waste into household building materials for low-income communities.

Responsible use of Plastic

Have you measured your environmental impact yet?

The footprint we leave on the environment caused by our daily activities must be measured; we must acknowledge what we are doing to the planet and how we can reduce this impact. We invite you to calculate your footprint by clicking on the following link:

Develop an ecological awareness

We are one of the many the ones that are committed to the environment, it’s important that we promote this culture of commitment and care. Let´s join efforts generating solutions; try to maintain a healthy relationship between our daily activities and the impact on the environment in which we live. Let´s not take more than the environment can give us and do not damage what Mother Nature cannot renew.


This term refers to those companies or products that are sold with an image of “No harm to the environment” when they actually are doing harm. This can be avoided by making companies or products that have national and international environmental certifications that follow the regulations established by the governments of each country.